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Colorado wedding


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Are we a good fit?

Honesty and transparency is important to me because on your wedding day you deserve to have the best team helping you make your dreams come to life, and if that's not me I want you to know that now!

We might not be the best fit ~

  • either you or anyone in your bridal party would describe yourself / themself as particular or a perfectionist.

    • absolutely nothing wrong with this and I respect it so much because I am the exact opposite and having these qualities could probably help me in some areas of life, haha! However, I would consider myself a very artsy / creative / free spirit so I very much approach hairstyling with these characteristics.​

  • getting your hair styled is more something you need to check off your to-do list rather than something near or at the top of your priority list. 

    • Again, absolutely nothing wrong with this - I just don't think we might be the best fit because I am an independent artist and I have a very deep caring soul and really try to go above and beyond to make sure you get an amazing experience. I am priced towards the higher end *locally* because I truly care so much about my brides and want to give you the most of your experience with me.​ With that being said ~ if you plan on having a friend / family member, or wedding planner do the main communication with me we probably also won't be a good fit because I really am in the business to get to know YOU the bride (of course I will still take you if you need their help and I'm sure I will love them dearly too - I just want our communication to be between us!

  • You want Hollywood waves ~ I do have these styles on my 

I think we will be a good fit if 

  • you would describe yourself as more of a natural girly, you have the free spirit vibe about you and you and your bridal party (if you are having one) are go-with-the-flow, easy-going, no-drama kind of people!

  • you see multiple styles of my work that you would like and would want ( I would describe my style as kinda a modern/chic/elevated "boho" style.)

  • getting your hair styled for your special day is important to you and knowing who will be styling your hair is a priority.


Bride $365

Bridesmaid  $150 

Mom & Grandma  $150 

Flower Girl (9yrs and under) $75

Add ons 

Blow Dry $100

Assistant $250 


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